Mentor Membership

The MDPAC holds that as maturity in psychotherapeutic practice progresses, the personal qualities and life experiences of the therapist are of equal importance to, and complement, what he or she knows and does as a practitioner. Therefore, in recognizing advanced experience in GP psychotherapy

Applicants for Mentor Membership will be evaluated in the areas of their

  1. character and maturity as a person
  2. capacity for compassion and ethical judgment
  3. ability to teach and enhance the growth of others, and
  4. specific knowledge and skills in medical psychotherapy.

The application is designed in two parts to help us evaluate both its subjective and objective components. The objective components are as follows:

Candidates shall:

  1. be a qualified Certificant member in the MDPAC
  2. have undergone training as:
    • EITHER: formal comprehensive psychotherapy training in at least one recognized discipline and 2000 hours minimum psychotherapy experience;
    • OR: 8,000 hours paid psychotherapy with submission of individual training history;
  3. have undertaken 100 hours individual supervision with at least two independent supervisors;
  4. have undertaken 50 hours of personal, individual psychotherapy
  5. have undergone an essay examination and possible oral interview as determined by the Credentials Subcommittee of the Professional Development Committee;
  6. have undertaken MDPAC-approved supervisory training;

Applicants who do not meet the above requirements as specified who believe they have equivalent qualifications or a special gift of use to the organization and the community.

Step 1: Pay $250 Mentor Fee

Step 2: Complete and submit your Application:

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