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2017 MDPAC Fall Retreat

posted on Oct 31, 2017

47_2017FallRetreat.jpgHere is a group of very happy retreaters getting ready for the journey home after a grounding and revitalizing weekend of drumming and reflection with our wonderful facilitator, Shari Geller, second from the right and her assistant, Camilla Graziani, far right side of the front row .

Thank you so much to the chair of the Retreat Committee, Jackson Lin, as well as to the rest of the committee, Inge Winslow, Maria Grande and Julie Webb for all the work you put in behind the scenes to make this event such a success year after year.


Re: 2017 MDPAC Fall Retreat
by Catherine Low, posted on Oct 31, 2017
I get just as much out of connecting with old friends and colleagues as I do out of the program provided. What a wonderful group of people we have in our association!
Re: 2017 MDPAC Fall Retreat
by Elizabeth Parsons, posted on Nov 1, 2017
What a wonderful weekend! I really enjoyed the drumming and music-making. It was profoundly relaxing to be able to express myself without words. Also lovely to see all my amazing colleagues!