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If you think you have an urgent mental health problem, go to the nearest hospital emergency department. If it is a large hospital, or university affiliated, you will be seen by a psychiatrist or psychiatry resident on emergency call, if required. If it is a small hospital you will likely be seen by the crisis team leader. If you cannot get to an emergency department, contact a distress or crisis phone line service; they are located in many urban centres and regions. This information is available in local phone books or by calling police.

For non-emergency mental health care, referrals to GP Psychotherapists are usually made by family doctors. If you believe you need psychotherapy care you should see your regular family doctor, explain what is troubling you, and request a referral to a GP psychotherapist.

If you do not have a family doctor, physicians in walk-in clinics or local health centres can also make the referral. For Ontario, a list of walk-in medical clinics, or community health centres, is provided by the Government of Ontario.

A list of health care websites for other Canadian provinces can be found at the Canadian Psychiatric Association.


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