The Theratree logo of the MDPAC was conceived by Dr. Dianne McGibbon in 1993. The Theratree painting was a collaboration with Canadian artist and illustrator Mr. Don Klutke and was completed in 1994. Dr McGibbon also initiated the Theratree Award, an annual award which recognizes a member's contribution to the association.

The Recipients of the Theratree Award are as follows:

1994 Robert James
1995 Terry Burrows
1996 Dianne McGibbon
1997 Roy Salole
1998 Marc Gabel
1999 Michael Cord
2000 Joan Barr
2000 Mel Goodman
2001 Allen Kalpin
2002 Ann Cox and Gisele Microys
2003 Muriel Van Lierop
2004 Bill Taylor and Riva Ripstein-Soicher
2005 Mel Borins
2006 Jaga Iwanowska and Carol Brock
2007 Lynn Marshall
2008 David Cree
2009 Peggy Wilkins
2010 Lucinda Sykes
2011 Victoria Winterton
2012 Janice Coates
2013 Michael Pare
2014 Catherine Carmichael
2015 Edward Leyton
2016 Helen Newman
2017 Howard Schneider
2018 Harry Zeit
2019 George Neeson
2020 Catherine Low
2021 Mary Alexander
2022 Barbara Kawa and Stephen Sutherland
2023 Caroline King

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